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 Asylum 5: Feast of the Dead 2010 (Halloween)

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Jared's Little Darling
Jared's Little Darling

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PostSubject: Asylum 5: Feast of the Dead 2010 (Halloween)   June 22nd 2009, 09:26


Asylum 5: Feast of the Dead 2010 (Halloween)

Our fifth Asylum Convention will take place between 29th and 31st October 2010 in England (venue to be confirmed).

This event has been added to our list of Supernatural conventions for 2010, the main reason is that we have almost sold out our Asylum 4 event for May 2010 so rather than increase numbers we have launched a 2nd Supernatural Convention for next year.

This hopefully will allow as many fans as possible of the Supernatural TV series to come to an event to meet the actors who have appeared in Supernatural while not saturating the event scene with too many events.

More information will be forthcoming we just wanted to get this out so that possible attendees will know that if they can't get a package for Asylum 4 there is still a chance to go to a Supernatural Convention in 2010.

Website will launch when we have a venue.

Best Wishes

Rogue Events

meanwhile the event has a section on the Rogue forum here: http://rogueevents.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=a5

ETA: Event Packages won't go on sale until we have confirmed a venue, a similar set of packages as our other events will be available.

ETA2: Paul posted this on the forum:

Sorry read a post on LJ and I can see where it may look like we are ignoring Asylum Europe.

I meant to say it more like this... there is still a chance to go to a Supernatural Convention in 2010 in the UK. While we also have our German Supernatural Convention one week after Asylum 4 so overall you get to choose between three Supernatural events in 2010 in Europe!

Quelle: Rogue Events


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Asylum 5: Feast of the Dead 2010 (Halloween)
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