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 Friends and colleagues about Jared...

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Jared's Little Darling
Jared's Little Darling

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PostSubject: Friends and colleagues about Jared...   November 22nd 2009, 15:24

What do friends and colleagues have to say about our little puppy?
Did you find a quote somewhere? Go ahead and post it here!

Let's start with to quotes I recently found:

Jared has the most ripped butt muscles i have ever encountered.
I poked them in sheer awe. He must be doing more butt crunches than humanly possible.
No joke. Very impressive.

- Samantha Ferris -

That thing is BULLETPROOF.
- Traci Dinwiddie -

Awesome! I really love Traci! Laughing


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Friends and colleagues about Jared...
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