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 Jared's Quotes

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Jared's Little Darling
Jared's Little Darling

Virgo Snake
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PostSubject: Jared's Quotes   November 22nd 2009, 15:27

You're passionated hanging on Jared's lips, if he's saying something? Very Happy

What's your favorite quote of him? Tell us! Cool

Mine is this one for example:

Jared: (about being called a hottie)

"You know since Jensen and I are so hot, it's very flattering and so cute and a girl will come up or a guy and say 'hey your so cute' you know blah blah blah whatever. Um it just (laughs) no, I'm here to film a TV show...... it's flattering, it's very flattering and it's fun to tease each other about that."

I love him saying BLAH BLAH BLAAAH.... Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

Lg, Naley


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Aquarius Tiger
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PostSubject: Re: Jared's Quotes   April 6th 2010, 20:09

My fave Jared quote is
"I can help guide the ship of Sam on the river of Eric Kripke", which he said last year at Asylum 3, when someone asked him how much influnce he has on the plot of SPN. I think it's downright poetic!
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Jared's Quotes
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